Monday, April 4, 2011

Meh, I suck at thinking up titles, but since everything in this post is black and white, Cruella de Ville sprung to mind, lol. Anyways, last night Ghanima put a hot NEW dress into the riotvend @ Blue Blood, Adele in white-goth. As versatile as ever, this dress comes with a lolita skirt or a gown, and also can be worn with a jacket or without. I'm wearing the lolita skirt because its my favourite style! This will only be in the riotvend for a day, so grab a bunch of dolls/ goths and riot that vendor! It goes down to 50L if ya get enough bodies in there!!

The simply breathakingly beautiful skin I'm wearing is from Edge of Sanity and is currently available in the No Strings Attached 2 Hunt, you do NOT want to miss getting your hands on this!! It comes in four tones and includes doll joints ON the skin. The lace mask is also ON the skin, but it is also included seperately as a layerable tattoo so you can wear it on any skin you have, bonus!
Here's the obligatory close-up:

The hair I'm wearing is currently FREE at Curious Kitties, along with a bunch of other hair, dunno how much longer these are gonna be free for. The hat is Violet Voltaires' No Strings Attached 2 Hunt gift, and comes with a matching dollkey:

Also worn:
Earrings - Virtual Insanity - Morbid Extravaganza (not free), Shoes - Favole - Lillith (new release, not free),
Poses by slash me poses and [doll.]

So, go get to rioting and get on the No Strings Attached 2 Hunt!!

Millie de Ville xx

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