Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Time to get Twisted!!!

"Brought to you by the colour purple..." (The older Brits should get that reference, lol).

OK, so ya'll probably already know about the Twisted hunt, and if you didn't, where the heck have you been hiding??? lol Anyways, its not called Twisted for nothing, it is the hardest hunt on the grid, and they are proud of that, so this is not a hunt for the faint of heart. That being said, I SURVIVED!!! Whoot!!!

So heres' some things I grabbed along the way.
Also worn:
Outfit - Adele by Blue Blood (new release, not free)
Gloves & Bracelets - Loulou & co (Twisted Hunt Gift)
Full body tattoo - Collisions (Twisted Hunt Gift)
Wings, Boots & Skin - Favole (all new releases, not free).

Pose by Everglow.

This absolutely stunning outfit includes wings and comes courtesy of Dark Fairy Tales, you just have to find the lil red box ;).

And this hot lil number is Bad Juju's Twisted giftie. She has a mini hunt/ quest in her store where you need to follow the clues to find the prize.
Also worn:
Bracelets - Mia's Gems (Twisted Hunt)
Purple nails & knife - Virtual Insanity (Twisted Hunt)

Finally, here's the giftie from Nightshade

Also worn:
Hair - Rotten Toe (previous hunt gift maybe no longer available)
Choker/ Necklace - Virtual Insanity (Twisted Hunt gift)
Boots (completely texture change/ resizable via hud) - Dilly Dolls (Twisted Hunt giftie)

There are 218 stores in this hunt, as well as the endgame bonus area,so far too many for me to show you them all, I've just shown you some of my favourites :D Hunt ends March 31st, so get cracking :D

The starting location is at DV8.
Milly xx

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