Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My look of the day

OK, so I've been busy in RL and not really found anything in SL to inspire me to blog the past few weeks, however, I figured I'd show you a few things I've grabbed over the last few days which you might be interested in.

This cute lil dress Im wearing is a recent lucky board score from Belle Morte. I'm wearing it with absolutely awesome sculpted Lament boots from Favole. These are Themis Enzo's gift for the Zombie Killers Hunt, which runs til 28th May. These boots have awesome sculpted skull-hands on the back, and a lil spider sits on top of these, and actually *moves*. Heres' a close-up of them:

Another good find on the ZKH is this skin I'm wearing here. This is the hunt gift from Furore, and heres' a close-up:

The adorable sugar skull tatoo shown here isn't free, but at only L$10 I couldn't resist them. They are from La Malvada Mujer which is another store in the ZKH. Poses are from still life and estetica. All photos were taken at the Guild of Glooms' Carnival Sinister, which is a fundraising event to support the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. More info will follow on this in my next post.
Millie xx

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