Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturdays child works hard for a living..

But here at TTG we play hard :D OK, poor tie in, but hey lol. Anyways the ever amazing Beautiful Engineer of F'd Up passed me these amazing new skins she has been working on so I figured I would show them to you.


Heres a close-up of the make-up:
On the left is F'd Up - MKai in Stardust, and on the right is F'd Up - Felicity in Moondust.

Also worn:

Hair - HoM - Nina
Dress - Pinkmare's House - Doll Keeper Gown (previous MM win - SL is being a doof to me right now and I can't tp to pinkmares to include the slurl for you, but I will update with it asap)
Jewellery - Ticky Tacky

Poisonous kisses,

Wednesday xx

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