Saturday, August 14, 2010

Oopsies! My bad!

Hey, guys, I'm back with a first for me - a retraction. RL has been kicking me in the butt so much this last week, that I was bound to make mistakes. And I did. I previously posted that the Gother Than Thou Hunt gift from aMused was the Ruby Demon skin. Wrong! It's actually this skin....

I'm also wearing the hunt gift from Show Me on the Doll - the beautiful, demure Loss Gown. I love that bustled skirt! Don't I just look like some dead school marm? heh heh. Did you notice those weird claw cufflinks on the shirt? Love 'em! WTG, Putrid! The skin, as I said, is the correct hunt gift from aMused. Very gothic/vampiric. And it also has a cool gothic wings tattoo on the back - check it ...

So, get to hunting! And don't forget to activate your group tag! If you're not a member of the Thrifty Goth Group yet, you still have about 5 or 6 days left to join before Oriana closes the group. Keep it gothic, people!


Dress - Show Me on the Doll - The Loss Gown (for Gother Than Thou Hunt)

Skin - aMused - Goth Female Skin - Pale with gothic wings tattoo for TTG Hunt

Hair - ploom - Savanah - Black Out

Eyes - House of Ruin - Thaumaturge - Toxic Mercury

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