Friday, August 13, 2010

The Hunt is On! and We're Gother than Thou!

Yes, it's Friday the 13th and the hunt has begun! What a perfect day to start a goth hunt - Friday the 13th - mwah ha ha! Forty-six stores across the grid! You're searching for red vampire skulls. The Hunt blog is here and you'll find hints and slurls to the participating stores. As you know, this hunt is just for us - the members of The Thrifty Goth Group. You must wear your group tag to receive the gifts. Enough chatter, let's see some of the prizes!
This pants outfit is the gift from +Calamity+ and it is sooo sexy! I especially love the belt - it is leather and shiny, shiny metal, and it's gorgeous! Resize scripted too. I'm wearing Nightshade's prehunt gift vampire skins; check notices if you didn't get it yet. The hot, red ankle boots are the hunt gift from Demotik. There's a HUD to match your skin color and change your pedicure. Here's a closeup. Check out those wicked heels!
Next up, let's check out the gifts from aMused and DV8.
The beautiful Ruby Demon skin is the hunt gift from aMused. It just begged for horns, so I added some horns I found at House of Ruin's going out of business sale. The outfit, which includes the boots, belly piercing, bracelets, and collar, as well as the skirt and top is the fantastic hunt gift from DV8.
This cute little dress is the hunt gift from Arsenic Lace - the Clarette dress. It comes with the sculpted shawl. In the center picture, I've removed the shawl so that I could show you the hunt gift from Shameless Designs - the Gother Than Thou necklace. I'm wearing the DV8 boots once again because they are made of awesome. :) Ok.. I have two more to show you, before I run off to take more pictures for you.
These are the hunt gifties from Blue Blood and Favole. The bloomer and top outfit is an exclusive color of the brand new lucky board prize at Blue Blood. It's Amelia in black. I love the dangly bits at the arms and shorts - very fun to wear. The hat and posture collar are the hunt gifts from Favole, and the bracelets and boots are again from DV8. The skin is not a hunt gift, but it's the August L$50 special from Heartsick. Ok. Enough from me for today/tonight. Get out there and hunt!

Outfit No. 1:

Outfit with choker, spiked bracelets and hat - +Calamity+ - Ariel

Boots - Demotik - Gother Boots (with alpha layers and invisiprims)

Skin - Nightshade - Goth Than Thou - Prehunt Gift (check group notices)

Hair - Magika - Diamond (Platinum Hunt fatpack)

Eyes - ::Exodi:: - Zbilja Spirit - Crystal Blue (gacha hunt)

Outfit No. 2:

Outfit with bracelets and boots - DV8 - One Hundred Years

Skin - aMused - Ruby Demon (GTT Hunt)

Eyes - *MG* (May Girl) - Eyes - Red (Lighten) - lucky board

Horns - House of Ruin - The Dauphin Horns - Elemental - Sunset ridged

Hair - ploom - Savanah - Black Out

Outfit No. 3:

Outfit - Arsenic Lace - Clarette (GTT)

Boots - DV8 - One Hundred Years Boots (see above)

Skin - Sn@tch - Solstice Skins - Tone 1 - Greta/BR

Eyes - House of Ruin - Thaumaturge - Toxic Mercury

Necklace - Shameless Designs - Gother Than Thou necklace (GTT)

Hair - ploom - Mouse - Black Out (with color change streaks)

Outfit No. 4:

Outfit - +++Blue Blood+++ - Amelia Black (TTG Hunt Exclusive)

Boots - DV8 (see above)

Skin - Heartsick - Illusion - Purple Passion (Cleavage/BM) (L$50 skin)

Hat - Favole - The Unsung Symphony (GTT Hunt)

Posture Collar - Favole - Wingless Elegance (GTT Hunt)

Eyes - House of Ruin - Thaumaturge - Toxic Anthrax

Hair - ploom - Savanah - Black Out

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