Monday, March 29, 2010

*Pixel Doll* Gift Card

Hi There! I've recently discovered that Pixel Doll Shop at Dubya City has put a 175 L Gift Card in their MM Board. Slap The poster and you'll have the opportunity to buy really coll dresses and corsets, made with exsiquisite textures. Dresses goes to 100-150 L to very cheapy 50 L for gorgeouse corset with a lot of dressing option and accessories [Collars, gloves ecc]. I've slap it ot several times *giggles*, when the shop owners put the gift card during Xmas festivity so I've bought a lot of pretty goth goodies, today I've slap it again. I suggest you to go and check 'cos is really easy to lock down with 200 access, if so try again tomorrow! Here are two samples of dresses wich I bought with the Gift Card: "Twilight Ragged Dress" [ I'm wearing it with Flutter Sleaves , but there's also poofie one].
- Click the images to admire the GREAT leather and silk texture of the top-
The boots I'm wearing are the daily +DV8+ Group Gift "Libertine Boots" in Jade.
Go grab them!!
For the second sample I'm wearing Knockout Dress in Black + Bella Corset in Red. I love Bella Corsets, they're really versatile an wearable with a lot of dress!
-Click Again to see better! -
At the end, I'll show you a close up of the skin I'm wearing. It's one of Vive9 bunch of free goodies[ Skins and Clothing] :
"Grace Skin V.2 [Pale] AliveNotDead"
And That's All by Now!
Hugs Kaetel

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