Tuesday, March 30, 2010

PSA: Spring is Here and Twisted Hunt is Almost Over

I come to you this evening with a public service announcement. We are quickly approaching April Fool's Day, but I'm not joking when I say you should run to snag some of the great gifts to be had from two hunts some Thrifty Goth stores were involved in this month. I had a lot of fun and really blew out my inventory searching for the green Hellraiser boxes of the Twisted Hunt and the spinning gears of the Steam Hunt. Of the two, Twisted is way higher difficulty, with a few exceptions, yet more consistent when it comes to quality of merchandise and gothiness. There are too many TTG sponsors and merchants involved with this one to list here, but my favorite participants are DV8, Blue Blood, Dilly Dolls, Nightshade Designs, Rasetsukoku, and Sangre Noir (as an aside, hope you caught the TTG notice about the L$44 item up for grabs at SN, it's limited time and one of the many awesome creations in that realistic shop). DV8 is the driving force beyond the beginnings of this hunt, and is an appropriate start location. Check out the deliciously creepy special start room and their clearance sale as well. Be warned, however, the little green box isn't easy to find here, and that's foreshadowing for your coming adventure. There are a few TTG merchants involved in the Steam Hunt that also ends tomorrow at midnight. Most notably for me, Amaranthus, the first jewelry store I ever saw on the grid and still my favorite. It's also the place I slapped the TTG group joiner and started my journey into the darker side of SecondLife fashion. Their set for the Hunt is as high quality as the pocket watch that is my favorite, despite coming across many more since I found it on the Peace on Earth hunt a few months back. +ezura+ is the other TTG merchant on the hunt list, their zipper gloves are my favorite (I have red and black), and their hunt gift has buttons that match the Amaranthus set in color quite well. I had a great time on this hunt, though I haven't gotten around to rezzing a lot of the buildings yet (who has that sort of space?) and some of the gifts were from zany creators. Fun, but their usefulness to a goth is rather suspect. I hate to reiterate an excellent post by Vyxsin, but my best shopping spree this week was at the Spring Bazaar, and I spent the most L$ at Tuft. Their egg prizes were great, but I had to splurge on the Grunge Star pants with their black stars on white capris with just the right amount of shading to make them appear to move with and mold to you. Now all I need is a Zero shirt and I can broadcast my love for Billy Corgan, fashionably. Don't forget to put a few linden in the purple voodoo bear to get an awesome little mouth treat. This rack-like pose I found sitting on one of the tulips at the Bazaar inspired a cybergoth in spring look. Breakdown of its TTGness (from top to bottom):
  • Fingerless Rebellion Zipper Gloves in black from +ezura+.
  • Claudia Hair from Nightshade Designs (from the chess piece hunt a few months ago but I hope she's selling it, I love this hair, perfect when I'm in a crazy sort of mood).
  • Eyes are Amethyst [night] from House of Ruin.
  • Mouth treat from the Tuft booth at the Spring Bazaar.
  • Halter and skirt are yours if you can find the Hellraiser box at DV8 before midnight.
  • Ripped black fishnets from the Rotten Defiance Death Becomes Her Hunt mask.
  • Super fab violet moonboots are the Lexia II ones from Dilly Dolls (I loved her mini-hunt for the outfit so much I had to buy the boots)
  • Skin and bloody barb-wire accessories slathered on top of their accompanying shape and acquired from Fatal Error. It's been my skin of choice for wandering about at night the past few days.
  • Shiny key broach on my breast is from Amaranthus.
So come along with me and try to finish up Twisted Hunt tomorrow. Gotta stock up on darkness before the bright sun of spring.

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