Sunday, March 28, 2010


The Look of the Day is brought to you by Tuft. There is currently a Spring Bazaar going on here that Tuft is a part of. All these goodies are 1L each in the hunt eggs from the store. There are other shops there some are Goth and some are not. The Hair is not from Tuft it is from JE*Republic. The top is called Cupcake Cult T-shirt and it comes with the Screaming Zebra leggings Shown. The skin is called Autumn, also from TUFT, and it's gorgeous, though not my usual really pale tone :) These leggings, called Grunge, are also available in a Tuft egg. Hawt. If you like the hair it's a group gift from JE*Republic, that means it's free, or possibly 1L I forget which exactly. Keep it Gothy. Love Vyxsin.

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