Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Baby I'm a SKIN freak

So I was sitting around SL when I get a TTG IM telling me about 10L skins. Of course I have to check it out! I got there and wow. I love it. Not just cuz I'm Goth, but because I really am a pale girl in RL too and these skins are cool. Had no idea Dilly Dolls made skins. These first 4 are all in the DD* pack for 39L!
This one is from the DD* LVL2 Dominia pack. It has 3 other lip options, 2 other eye makeups. Also 39L. A steal. These 2 (above) are from the DD* LVL2 Shyla pack. You guessed it, 39L. Below are 2 from DD* LVL2 Sonau 1&2. 10 L each. I know. My heart skips a beat as well. Keep it thrifty. Vyxsin,

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