Friday, November 20, 2009

The Thrifty Goth Hits 350 !!

So sorry its been awhile but after juggling some sl/rl issues, your Head Goth is Baaaaaacckk with a vengance and some Thrifty Hot News!!!

 Not only have we grown over 3 TIMES the size since last post only a month ago... But we now have New vendors(including Vanilla C and Dilly Dolls) PLUS Exclusive Headquaters all our own!  If your not a member of "The Thrifty goth group " do not fret, the joiner is there for you to become a full fledge TG and we also have exclusiuve gifts from our Store supporters and more to come. Past notices may also have a goodie or 2..*wink

The Thrifty Goth Headquaters is nestled right next to The Morbid Mausoleum's Main store on Tempest sim. Thank you a million times over Ms. Morbid!!!

If you are a store and carry beauty/accessories &/or clothing of a "darker style".. Please send me a note-card with ur LM and you may just be our next TTG supporter!!

 And now that we have the Cool-azz announcements out of the bag (by the Hag ..heehehe).... Lets get a Tutorial in shall we??

I know allot of my Goths are new to Lucky/Freebie group and therefore a little "lost" when it comes to "calling chairs in chat"... I periodically send out a card in Group and have been told its easy to read and use... BUT any comments/questions or improvements would be most welcome. Hope to see you In world!!!

What is calling chairs? Its a way of letting ppl in your group know the chair is on a certain letter so they know they can come and get the prize. How to do it? Easy!! 

1. Open group chat for The Thrifty Goth

2. Put Letter that Chair is on in CAPS then the minutes left on the chair next to it. 

3. Go to Map (NOT Mini).... on the bottom of ur screen and open. 4.Hit the " Show My Location Button" 

5. Hit the "Copy SURL to Clip board " Button,... This will copy the LM for u to paste in chat 

6. Go Back to group chat and after Letter and Number left, hit the space key and then hit Cntrl + V to paste local in chat

7. Hit send and WHOOOOTTTTT...... Us Gothics should come arunnin 

****3-6 can also work for Spaces left on MM's and anytime u need to copy a local for the group to know about!! Hope to see more ppl calling those chairs!!!! 


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