Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ready, Set, Goths! Dark Holiday Hunts and Sales

'Ello lovely goths,
I'm Rose Mondalimare, the newest TTG blogger, helping our dear Oriana out so she can focus on finding us more stores and great goth deals! Since I've been getting a ridiculous number of notices and hearing rumors all over about SO many delicious dark hunts and sales happening in December and January, I thought I'd make sure that we all have the scoop.

Twisted Krissmuss Shopping Tour -- December 7th - 30th
This is more of a sale than a hunt. The merchants that participate in the Twisted Hunt in September (which includes +DV8+, Sn@tch, Netherworld, Morbid Mausoleum, Nightshade Designs and several other dark/goth stores) have created special, *transferable* Holiday items for 100 Lindens each. Pick up the list of landmarks from any of the above stores, or visit the DV8 website at

Dreaming of a Goth Christmas Hunt -- December 1st - 31st
This one was designed by Morbid Emor of Morbid's Mausoleum and takes place entirely in her store. That means no confusing multiple stops or inaccurate landmarks! The items cost 10 Lindens each, so this hunt is not free, but the prizes are fabulously high-quality and perfectly tailored to our goth theme. There also aren't any hints; but isn't the search supposed to be half the fun? Look for glossy little black Christmas trees scattered around the store.

Curse O De Black Pearls Hunt -- December 15 - January 15
Arrr! This be a Dark pirate-themed hunt! Treats and curses galore! This one starts at Sirens Song (Underhill 210,170,24) and the hunt item is a small, glossy black sphere prim that looks like a black pearl. And the items are free!

DarkerSide X-Mas Hunt - dates not given
This one's short, but still sweet. Go to DarkerSide's main store (Green Mist 34, 244, 22) and look for little candy canes with small goodies in them. The last one contains a beautiful Ice Angel avatar. Also, check out the holiday tree near the entrance to find several freebies! The sign at the store doesn't specify when the hunt begins and ends, but since it's Christmas-themed, it'll probably be taken down by the end of December.

Necrosis Christmas Hunt - December 5th - 25th
This hunt is sponsored by +Nightshade Designs+ (which is the starting point) and the Black Canary. Look for Gingerbread men holding tiny candy canes. The limited-edition, goth-themed goodies are 10 Lindens each.

Death Becomes Her Hunt -- January 1-15
This hunt is a celebration of the macabre, especially for women! What a great way to start 2010 off right. Look for little death masks that contain special prizes. Starting point is Morbid Mausoleum's main store in Tempest. During the January hunt, hints will be available at

Happy hunting and shopping, TTGs.
Much love.
- Rose Mondalimare

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