Monday, October 12, 2009

Big News On the Thrifty Front!

Whew so Much has happened since I last posted! We are growing in leaps and bounds with our In world Freebie Group The Thrifty Goth, and we have gained several new stores that now have the ability to post notices about upcoming sales and freebies!  All the stores listed below have a TTG Group Joiner up in thier store so you can join the fun in calling chairs and other free finds and have even offered some sweet exclusive group gifts!Come Join Today and tag along with over 100 other Thrifty Goths!!

First up is our Official Group T-Shirt, Made Exclusively for us From That Rocks!! and Angeliq Littlething . Check out her awesome designs and customs tats at

NOw ONto the Fashions!
all eyes from : House of Ruin - freebies in front of displays

 skin:   NS Vanity- Smokey Pink - Free from MM board @ Nightshade Designs

Boots: Morbids Gothic Boots- Found in Freebie Attic with Lucky Chairs and MM's @ MORBID MAUSOLSEUM

 Dress : "Death Ballet" - On "Freebie Table"  in Main Store

 *** TTG Exclusive ***  Doll Key: "Love n Screwed Key"-
 Group Gift For TTG From Tressann Decosta of The Chopping Mall @ Hells Twisted Misfits- (look in past Notices) and visit them @

Tat -.: WEiRD.DESiGNS :. Heart Rocker Tattoo- won in Lucky chair

skin-.: WEiRD.DESiGNS :.Wasted Soul - Sheenas Rezzday Skin- Free on table in front of store

Dress- Morbid's Dita Burlesque Dress- Found in Freebie Attic with Lucky Chairs and MM's @ MORBID MAUSOLSEUM

Skin NS>-Vanity-Smokey Pink-nightshade (linked above)

Dress/choker-Dissolve and Decay outfit- 10l from Belle Morte (also comes with shoes!)

ImmateriA - Oxblood Boots(not under 100L) But a Proud sponser of TTG

Another Free Gift!! Now at MORBID MAUSOLSEUM in the attic "Morbid's Maria" Dress, a Gift for the TTG group!

Skin-  -Broken doll skin  free @ +++BLUE BLOOD+++ in the lucky chair/freebie area

And Last.... But DEFINATELY NOT LEAST>>>>>

another Exclusive Only when you Hop on Down to Sangre Noir and Join (wear Your Tags My Lovelies)....

This Dress ( comes with a Awesome Onyx Ring not shown) is Only for Members of TTG when they wear thier tags at Sangre Noir and find it hidden in her cemetary..... so get ur pale Buns on down there....

Hat-.: WEiRD.DESiGNS  .: Nailed Duck Hat- Free from front table

Skin- Nightshade (already Listed)

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