Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Gothly valentines hunt stuff

Yea, Valentines, there I said it. Its that time of the year again where the grid goes all crazy over things that are red, white and pink. Which, admittedly, aren't usually popular colour choices among us gothlings, however I have managed to find some valentines gothliness that you don't wanna miss out on.

Dress & Pumps - Vicarious Vitae - Mobster (Valentines Day Massacre Hunt)
Hair - Adoness - Jazzy in blood (comes in 3 different colours -Valentines Diva Hunt)
Skin - Tacky Star - Iki Misery (Tacky Star group giftie!)
Necklace - Favole - Certitude (new release)
Pose by Adore & Abhor.

This beautiful dress is so versatile, it comes in all layers in black and red versions, so you can mix & match and wear it anyway you please. It even includes pasties!
Dress - Sassy Kitty Designs (Valentines Diva Hunt)
Boots - Favole - Refined

This gorgeous dolly dress is the Valentines Diva Hunt gift from Virus.
And finally (for now, lol). This dress includes all accessories shown except for the rosary!

Dress - The Unholy - Pinkmares (Dark Katz Hunt 3)

Happy Hunting Gothlings!!

Milly xx

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