Monday, January 24, 2011

Mobvends and Lucky Chairs - A Purple Palooza!

This past Saturday, a group of about 15 Thrifty Gothlings went on a mobvend binge, scoring some lucky chair items along the way. A fun time was had by all and most of us vowed to make this a weekly party. Tonight I'll show you some of the items we scored, plus another item I scored the day before at Nightshade. I had to include the Nightshade item because it's purple, and funny enough, many of the items I nabbed Saturday are purple. It's a purple palooza, I tell ya!
First up, on Friday evening or so, I ran over to Nightshade to pick up the sale item and scored this little cutie in the lucky chair. Actually, Nightshade really loves D's, so I scored three times (!) within about 15 minutes.
Very nice! Thanks, Bella, you know we love you! But back to the mobvends, our first stop was actually The Delectable Doll because Sherri had recently changed out the mobvend to Bad Dharma in Plaid Purple. Look how hot this dress is...
I love those rips that show the fishnet underneath - hot! And it's a bargain coz it comes with two skirts. Thanks, Sherri! While we were there, waiting for the mobvendor's price to drop, we bided our time hitting the Mini Mania. Wouldn't you know that I won the violet version of Lil Miss Gothy?
Oh, by the way, the jewelry set I'm wearing in the above two pictures is from Needful Things, which has this set on sale for only L$50 as part of the Happy New Year Event going on through the end of the month. Back to the Mobvend party! The last item I'll show you, although not the last item I scored, is also purple, and was our second stop on the "tour." It's the sexy, all-prim, Death Rose outfit from Bad Juju.
The hair I'm wearing in this post is mostly from a new-to-me store called Dura, a Japanese shop that sells hair for both boys and girls. The hairstyle worn with Death Rose is fairly new release from Exile, however. Non of these hairstyles were free or even on sale, sorry.
I hope we can all get together next Saturday and do it all again. Maybe you'll join us? Keep it gothy, darlin's!

Dress - Nightshade - Charmant - Lucky Chair item

Hair - Dura - Boy - 05 - Black

Skin - LAQ - Mima 02 (Pale) Glow Skin (hairbase)

Lipstick - Gothica - SS Lipstick Set - Plum

Shoes - Dilly Dolls - Stella Dollies - Dark Pack (new!)

Nails - Virtual/Insanity - Essential Nails - Purple

Lashes by Amacci

Eyes by House of Ruin

Dress - The Delectable Doll - Bad Dharma - Plaid Purple - Mobvend edition

Hair - Dura - Girl - 16 - Black

Jewelry - Needful Things - Ancient Love Set (Happy New Year Festival - L$50)

Dress - The Delectable Doll - Lil Miss Gothy - Violet - Mini Mania

Shoes - Dilly Dolls - Stella Dollies II - Light Pack (new!)

Outfit - Bad Juju - Death Rose - Mobvend edition

Hair - Exile - Oceane - Marble

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