Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Horrorfest 2010 is upon us!!

Hi gothlings, I wanna take this time today to tell ya'll about Horrorfest 2010. If ya haven't already heard about it; its a horror themed charity event taking place until October 31st. All proceeds from the charity vendors and donations go to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. This is a charity that is very close to my heart, and should be to yours aswell. You may or may not be aware, Sophie was a young goth girl from Bacup, UK (approx 30 miles from me!!) who was tragically beaten to death in 2007 simply for being a goth! Her boyfriend was also beaten very severly and only survived the attack because of Sophies' attempts to shield him from their attackers. The Sophie Lancaster Foundation was set up in her memory and aims to, not least, make the UK Hate Crime legislation extended to include people from “alternative subcultures” or “Lifestyle and Dress” so that this kind of crime may never be repeated. I'm sure ya'll can see what a worthwhile cause this is.

Go visit Horrorfest, and make sure you have plenty of lindens on hand because there are so many wonderful desingers involved who have worked really hard to create things for this event. Heres some of what I got (I will add to this later XD ):

Heres a close-up of the skin and eye-lashes:

Items worn:
Hair & lashes - Crimson & Clover (closing down sale, 50l only, HURRY!!!),
Voodoo Hairpiece - A&A @ Horrorfest,
Outfit - Hobble Goblin - A&A @ Horrorfest,
Skin - Halloween whore (gotta love that name!!) - Mango, Mango @ Horrorfest,
Boots - Malfean Visions (previous Woeful Wednesdays' item),
Doll key & earrings - Violet Voltaire @ Horrorfest,
Ring & Nails - Virtual Insanity @ Horrorfest.

Go shopping mad!!

Mil xx

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