Thursday, July 8, 2010

New Dilly Dolls Giftie!!!

W00t, thats right, the new Dilly Dolls giftie is out, and its this absolutely stunning retro style dress, the beads are included with the dress too. To get this gift you have to already be in the Dilly Dolls grp, go along to the store, put your grp tag on and click the board instore. Sorry for all those not already in the grp, Oriana usually closes the grp for enrollment when theres a grp gift out, so if you're not in it now, make sure to join when she reopens it!

Also worn in the picture:

Hair - 'Edge' by House of Munster, totally NOT free, but I just had to show it you cus I'm soooo excited that HoM is back!!! Comes with the cute headband too!!
Skin - 'Mosaic' in peach by Nomine - this is Nomine's latest subscribo giftie, which comes in a myriad of tones- go slap it up and grab it while you can!!
Shoes - 'Luna sculpted heeld' from the Nightshade Lucky Chairs.
Tattoo - previous hunt gift from Miasnow, no longer availble for free.

Luv Wednesday xxx

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