Friday, May 21, 2010

Shut yer PIE HOLE and hand me some SNATCH!

LMao!! well now I have your attention......

Greetings My Gothlings.... It is I your Queen of the Dark and Thrifty !!!
Let me share some gothly goodness for ya!! Just got my self some new "snatchness" from Snatch's Lucky Chairs and Just had to share.... Im also wearing a MM exclusive Skin from PIE HOLE that is no longer available but Pie does often fill the MM with once it hits, it quits" kind of prizes... so get signed up and get there fast!!

Skin- Pie Hole ( MM gift)

Outift- Snatch  ( Lucky chair Prize)

Necklace- Mia's Gems ( Lucky chair Prize)

Piercing- Butter (under 100 L )

Bracelets - Goth1c0   ( lucky chair prize)

Other Mentions:

Hair:  Jolie Femme

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