Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ooh Aah

There is so much going on with all the new additions and RL and all I've been having a hard time keeping up but I did hear the Sn@tch is a Thrifty Goth now so I ran down there, threw one of the million outfits I have from there and took a picture by the all important sign that all us thrifty people love :) The outfit is Film Noir and it's 25 L with a short (shown) and long skirt option. Everything in that section is 25L! The other stuff in the picture is hair by Waka and Yuki (old group gift), boots Duh! Women's Pirate Boots (1L gift) and the skin was previously blogged by Wednesday it's the TMH Not Button's prize Eleanor. (PS that URL is not to the prize just the store people :) Keep it Gothy. Vyxsin

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