Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's New Release day at F'd Up!!

That's right - today is new release day at F'd Up, and there are some gorgeous skins to be had at a fantastic price!!  This week, there are 3 new ones - Flutterby, Lael and Digital Virus.  When Destroyed Faith puts out a new skin, it is priced at $L99 for the first week.  What a steal for such gorgeous skins!!

Subscribe-o-matic members got a sneak peek at the Flutterby Pomegranate skin, but today the rest of the colors were released. (Seven colors total, plus a special MM only rainbow variation).

I couldn't resist getting two more colors.  Below are Flutterby in Pomegranate, Acai and Boysenberry.

Next, we have the beautiful Lael skin.  Inspired by our lovely Queen Oriana, Lael features dark eyes and fantastically detailed red and black lips.  Lael comes in eight variations, including one adorned with jewels and one with spider web detailing on the face.  I am wearing Lael - Desired below.

Last, and certainly not least, F'd Up has gone Viral!  This is not my usual style of skin, but I fell in love the first time I saw it.  The details are amazing!  Digital Virus comes in 7 colors, and is pictured below in Wintergreen and Boysenberry.

Also used in this post - Nightshade (New location!) "Willow" hair in Jet, Vels Boutique Black Silk Panties, and F'd Up Barcode Tattoo - Gothic, and  (free!) Pasties of DOOM!!!

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