Thursday, April 22, 2010

BlueBlood, DV8 and Sn@tch!

Hello TTF people, here I'll show you two looks made up with some really cool goth goodies: -In the first look I'm wearing the new cute&sexy Mirna outfit of BlueBlood Lucky Board and wonderful Hair made by DV8 shop for the "Crazy Arse Hair Hunt". -In the second look I'm wearing the Freebie beautiful "ensamble" that Sn@tch generously put for the "Alternative Fair", a great charity event with a lot of gothic, punk, and neko shops offering great item! I just suggest you to go, and take a look 'couse it really worth! While you're Tippin' around go check all new lucky chair item in Sn@tch shop, they're really cool! that's all by now, Hugs Kaetel!

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