Monday, September 5, 2011

Sooo delectable

For those of you who are not too hunted out, one hunt you need to check out is The Delectable Dolls' mini cupcake hunt. The wonderful Sherri Zeurra has placed out 6 mini cupcakes around her store, each containing a gorgeous cupcake dress. Each cupcake costs L$5 to buy, so for L$30 you can buy the whole set!!

Pink and Black:

Orange and Grey:

Teal and Green:

The Delectable Doll is also in this months' Twisted Hunt, so while you are hunting round for the little cupcakes, you may as well look for the twisted box too! This time you are looking for a small blurple box! And, here's a peekie at Sherri's twisted gift!

Absolutely gorgeous I'm sure you'll agree! Oh, if you like the socks I'm wearing in some of these photos, these are out of one of Sherri's gatchas at the store and are L$10 each time!!

~ [VoiD] Tiny - Bare - Natural, worn with [V] freckles/blush/gloss make-up,
Eyes ~ [VoiD] Echo - Pink,
Hair ~ Truth @ Collaber88 (L$88 for whole fatpack of colours!!).

Happy hunting gothlies!!

Millie xx

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