Thursday, June 2, 2011

Violent Seduction Giftie

Whoots!! Violent Seduction has a new group giftie out. It's appropriately called 'exposed' and it is smexy!! Take a look:

The whole outfit you see here, including the boots and prim boobies are included in the gift. The group does have a small entry fee of L$50, but the boots here are more than worth that alone, lol! Close-up of boots:

I apologise if my photo doesn't do the boots justice, I think the alpha mask is a bit big for my legs and I dunno how to change that o.o

Also worn:
Lamb - Teased up (freebie at store),
Skin: Edge of Sanity - Remorse - Marta3 (limited edition for L$50, hurry if you want it!!),
Finger tape: Nomine (lucky chair giftie).

Millie xx

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