Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Kinder Thrifty Goth- New Mission Statement

So, Its Me, your friendly C.E.O./ "Queen" of all that is Thrifty and Goth, Oriana. I have been making allot of changes to T.T.G. and I hope you will embrace them as I have done them to make sure our group stays the #1 Gothic themed Freebie Group in SL. 
Our New joiners are now below, Look for them in all ur all fave stores and hopefully some new up and comers soon!

Our group is Now Open Join again so feel free to come and Join us at our HQ !

Also, we have updated our rules to include Gothic-Neko, steampunk, as well as Pure gothic, punk, vamp and all other Gothic/Dark(Lolita, neo-goth, etc) themed Freebies for Men and Women. Our only Requirements is High Quality for the Items to be called and VIP sponsors Must have full stock and a Freebie system (Chairs,boards, MM,etc) to be allowed to post notices in group. For Full rules, join us and read.
 I love all the Goths of SL, and for them I have created this Group so that we can bond, shop and be merry!


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