Sunday, February 27, 2011

Big Sale at Frick!

Oh my goodness, gothlings! Are you short on cash but dying for some gorgeous clothes and skins? Well, if you haven't heard, Frick is having a massive sale on *everything* in the store. Yes, some of it is very colorful, but I'm going to show you some of the very gothiest things I could find there.
This is the Frick's Morta in Black. It also comes in many more colors, but this one is the gothiest. It's only L$30. The boots are from Malfean Visions, which always has some kind of boots in the lucky chair, MM, or on sale. Nice boots! I'm also wearing Frick's Vengeance skin which I picked up for only L$15. It comes with the version shown here, plus another version with larger lips. As I was shopping, I found another version of the Vengeance skin, this time on the tattoo layer for only L$45. The tattoo layer version has many more options, so I bought that one, too! You can see the tattoo version of Vengeance on the left below.
Here, I’m wearing the Vengeance Tattoo makeup with skin from Style by Kira. The underlying skin and makeup are on sale at Kira’s shop (I think until Skin Fair is over). If you want a beautiful goth skin, you should really keep an eye on her shop because she often releases goth and fantasy skins, and she always has specials. The other skin shown above is the awesome Fear tattoo layer makeup, which I’m wearing again over the Style by Kira skin. I tried it on over other skins and they look great on many of them, especially skins that are “nude” or “bare” of makeup. This Fear set comes in many combinations – the cracks on your face and body or just upper or lower, etc., etc. They also come on clothing layers as well. How much for all this? Only L$45!
While I was at Frick shopping like a crazy person, the Lucky Board called my letter, and I won these Caged in Blood tattoo layer makeups, too.
They come with and without eye makeup. I’m wearing them over a Heartsick fairly bare skin here. Ok. Want to see some cute clothes at fantastic prices?
This one is called “Love, Oh!” and it comes in Lust (red) and also Sweet (pink - not shown). It comes with two skirts and the option to wear the top without the red part and without the jeweled bodice. In other words, it comes with lots of options for so little money. How little? How about L$37? Whoot! I’m wearing hair from Tacky Star – that’s right Aura tried her hand at hair. Since it’s her first attempt and she was a little nervous, she named the hair “Don’t Laugh.” The textures are so shiny! I didn’t laugh. It comes in about a bazillion colors, too. The dolly key I’m wearing is fairly new from Malfean Visions. The whole fatpack was on the Riotvendor recently. It comes in several metal options. Oh, the skin on the left is also from Style by Kira – one of those goth skins that were/are on sale.
Frick has several Lolly dresses for only L$20 each. This one is the Blood Lolly. The Lolly dresses come with two skirt options and the system pieces are on all layers so you can mix and match ‘em. I didn’t take the time to do that for this post though. You’re on your own to try out different looks with them, k? The dress comes with a ribbon choker with the bow in the back. Look how cute this skin is! I love it! This is Rotten Toe’s group gift skin for Valentine’s. It comes with the etched heart over your eye on the left, shown above, or on the right (below).
This version also has more blood and a darker lipstick in a heart pattern. Elsa really should do more skins coz they are adorable *and* creepy in such an awesome combination. The Lolly dresses also come in purple, pink, and a shocking yellow. Don't worry, I'll only show you the purple!
This is the Grape Lolly, worn with free skin from aMused – so pretty!
Well, I hope I "done good" showing you good, cheap stuff that all gothlings will love. If you want to see more items from Frick in brighter colors, you can visit my main blog here. (shameless plug *grins*) Until next time, keep to the dark(er) side, gothlings!
No. 1:

Dress – Frick - Morta in Black

Skin – Frick - Vengeance Goth – Small Lips

Hair – TRUTH – Nahla – Streaked Crow

Earrings – Lolapop! – Protecting Your Chastity Earrings – Black

Boots – Malfean Visions - Captains Quarters – Royal Pewter

No. 2:

Skin – Style by Kira – Willow Skin Fantasy Goth Special 5

Makeup – Frick – Creepy Tattoos – Vengeance (left)

Makeup 2 – Frick – Creepy Tattoos – Fear (center/right)

No. 3:

Skin – Heartsick - Enchant – Illusion – Nude

Makeup – Frick – Caged in Blood

No. 4:

Dress – Frick – Love, Oh in Lust

Skin – Style by Kira – Willow Skin Fantasy Goth Special 3

Boots – Malfean Visions - Captains Quarters – Royal Blood

Dolly Key – Malfean Visions – Tuatha – Dire

Hair – Tacky Star - Don’t Laugh – Black

Nos. 5 & 6:

Dress – Frick – Blood Lolly

Skin – Rotten Toe - Valentine’s Skin 42 (group gift) (if that LM doesn’t work, try this one)

Shoes – Dilly Dolls – Stella Dollies – Darks

Hair – Magika - Minzy (Mirrored and Regular to show the skin) – Black & White pack

No. 7:

Dress – Frick – Grape Lolly

Skin – aMused - Female Skin Freebie – December Skin (black eyebrows)

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