Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Side Show Freaksssss

There is a new hunt that started a couple of days ago, its the Side Show Freaks hunt. Its only a small hunt with about 50 or so stores involved, but it is deliciously dark themed and some of our own TTG stores are taking part including; rotten defiance, dark dolls, bad juju, grim bros, tacky star, souzou eien, and whatevr. Heres' some pictures I took of the gifties, unfortunately I have not photographed everything cus that would take far too long, if you like what you see, get on the hunt!
Baby doll dress from Whatevr:
This comes with the gloves and socks you see here. The over-size clown shoes worn with it are one of the gifties from Bad Juju.

Harlequin outfit from Dark Dolls:

I absolutely adore this outfit, its brilliantly textured and all the prims are resizeable!

Bearded lady outfit from Rotten Defiance:

This even includes the beard on the v2 tattoo layer!! w00t! There's also a male giftie included (not pictured).

And last but not least, the awesome 'Aftershow' skin from Tacky Star:

and if that hasn't got you drooling, just check out the detailing on the back.

Undies worn in the last two photo's are from the lucky chair at Wretched Dollies. All skins worn are available from different stores in the hunt. Poses are from glitterati, juxtapose and slash me poses.

The hunt starts at Ol Dirty B@stards and runs til Feburary 13th.

Happy hunting gothlings!!

Milly xx

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