Friday, September 10, 2010

Woeful Wednesday

OK, so you've all heard about the .. MANY ... discount day dealies that are going on in SL almost every day; 50 Linden Friday etc, well now there is a day especially for us goth-types and its called Woeful Wednesday. Every Wednesday a selection of goth designers will put one of their regular priced items out for sale for L$50 for one day only. Here's a shot of some of the awesome deals I got this Wednesday. Sorry this is late, they will most likely not be out on offer anymore, but at least now you know to look out for the event next Wednesday :D
Here's a close-up of the gorgeous skin:
Dress - A Netherworld - webby dress
Shoes - Weird designs - ballerina flats
Skin - ello poppet - morning sickness skin

Oh and those fabulous socks I'm wearing... they weren't a part of woeful wednesday, they are Juju Neximus' of Bad Juju's latest release, skully sox, go check out her store now for more awesome stuffs :D

Thats it, razorblade smiles and demented dreams,
Mil xx


  1. I'm so glad you like the dress! You look gorgeous!

  2. aww ty Isabeal, the dress is gorgeous and I had to get it <3