Saturday, August 28, 2010

I am not Amused or am I ?

Sometimes I get slap happy and will slap almost anything especially if someone in chat really wants it, and sometimes when I open said MM wins they aren't really what I want but hey (shrugs) but seriously I couldn't wait to open up these wins First up is the Gossamer gown from Nightshade Designs c'mon you could wear this for almost anything I love the color and as usual for Belladonna Mureaux the wonderful little details in in the textures and if that wasn't enough in the same run I got these cute ass Droopy Bat Ears also another detailed work from Belladonna ...if you haven't guessed by now I'm in love with all of it hehe.. if your wondering about the really pretty skin it's the Green Fae skin DarkMuse Draconia sent out to the Amused group and is still in notices I've also worn it in the lower pic with the Blue Blood MM win ,Rachel dress in Ocre....

Who I'm Wearing

Skin: (free) Amused Green Fae skin group gift

Gown in top pic :(free) Nightshade Designs Gossamer gown MM

Dress in bottom pic : (free) +++Blue Blood+++ Rachel dress in ocre

Ears : (free) Nightshade Designs Droopy Bat Ears MM

Hair : (free) =-F'd Up-= Bunned Up NSA prize



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