Thursday, April 15, 2010

My First Post!

Hello Thrifty Goths!  :)

Shelly Nakajima here...I just wanted to do a quick post - this is my first one, so I am sorry if I ramble!  I have been on SL for a while now, and love reading SL freebie and fashion blogs, but this is my first time writing.  I am hopelessly addicted to shopping in SL.  My current obsession is skin - I just can't get enough!

In this first pic, I am wearing the absolutely gorgeous Pollen Dusted Skin that I got from the MM board at Punkd, Triple Monroe Piercing from Nightshade, and Underbust Corset "Cross" from Fatal Error.  Picture taken in the Tuft Photostudio Skybox.

This second pic, I am wearing the Lady Death - The Raven Night skin I got from the lucky chair and Toxic Ballet Heels (not free) that I got at Nightshade, and Scary Sanctuary Dress from the lucky chair at Weird Designs.  Picture taken in the Tuft Abandoned Creepy House Cheapie.

That's it for me to you soon!  :)

~Shelly Nakajima

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