Tuesday, August 25, 2009


So.... Im a goth in SL ( and Basically in RL too), and I cant help but notice how many SL goth are as well. That being said, have u noticed that tho there are so many stores and things that cater to us and to our "lifestyles" (vampire games and rp sims), there are precious little blogs and groups JUST for us. So I thot I would change that. My goal here is to search out stores and designers that offer high quality goth,vampire and "darker style" apparel as well as skins & hair for free in chair MM's or group gifts or no more than 100l ( that includes the lowest prices on Mob vends).

I welcome Ideas and suggestions as well.You can always hit me up in world under  Oriana Pooley. Thats ME!!! Just send a Notecard Titled  to The Thifrty Goth and be sure to have ur name.
Any designers or store owners are welcome to send me LM's or folders with their offering. Please make sure it is being offered for no more than 100l at the time u send it to me and Please mark the Folder Clearly with ur name, store name and Attn: The Thrifty Goth.

Well thats it for right now... Expect more soon!

Kisses and cheap Latex,

Ori Poo

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